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1 December, 2021

BAY | Cool and Calm at Bay


Bay is like a miracle in the ocean, while it creates many legendary poetries. Sometimes, Bay is an elegant dancer. She dances with the rhythm of sea wave. She embraces and comforts people with warmth and silence.    

The Design Lab of Lamex collaborates with international designers for amazing creations. Cultures, cuisine, beaches, dawn, sunset and forest are always the great memories of designers and the source for design inspiration. “Bay” inspires designers to create a new set of office furniture – BAY.

Bay Space Redefined

Offices are becoming denser and workspaces are less assigned to individuals. Staffs would like to have more privacy. Bay presents the ideal working space – an elite retreat that shelter from visual and acoustic distractions to aid concentration. Comfort and privacy combine to focus on work, boost energy and aid spiritual wellness, for personal productivity and creativity.

Bay Focus – Simple Functionality

Standalone and compact, Bay Focus is an office booth made for single occupancy. Providing high-levels of privacy and comfort, it aids efficiency and productivity for individual-focused work. It also functions as a quick touchdown spot for mobile team members, a place to work or for a temporary recharge after long meetings.

Bay Inspiration – Multifunctional Appeal

Bay Inspiration pod’s dynamic styles cater to individual needs for privacy and teamwork, fostering good relationship and interactions between members. Bay Zigzag’s interactive workstation shares information efficiently with neighbouring colleagues for convenient discussions, while the border partition offers enhanced privacy to divide work and collaborative areas. Bay Rotary allows you to focus; to think, write, read, create or retreat. Bay Wavy’s innovative panel system is appealing, for intriguing charisma and excitement.

Bay Linear – Adaptive Growth

Bay Linear offers spatial comfort, with simple, effective visual privacy. Pods connect in rows for alternative desk setups, giving mobile teams personal workspaces to enhance performance. Little space is used, as they flexibly scale up or down due to the number of staff shifts or layout changes, adapting to your needs or space constraints.

Bay Stay – Reconfiguration Enchances Team Productivity

Bay Stay easily forms stand-alone units through joining panels, allowing teams to stay together through larger rectangular configurations, while also providing privacy to suit changing task needs. Diverse planning means multiple combinations and scenarios match team growth, with organizational restructuring and allowing for the changes or working styles. Convenient power supply connects to all electrical devices, ensuring user experiences are productive and flexible.

Supporting The Way of Your works

Bay presents a complete range of personal storage solutions, made for all modern offices nowadays. Its various desktop selections and accessories allow you to improve efficiency while supporting your daily work style.

Bay is easily modified to fit any feasible workspace setting, allowing you to effortlessly create your ideal space.

Bay is designed for a dynamic and effective workspace. It brings personality to your workspace interior, creating a comfortable “Bay” area for works and lives.