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5 May, 2021

Infini | Innovative, Collaborative, Working and Living


In the last introduction for Sizza Infini, we showed you the lobby area, reception area, work area and social & meeting area by Infini. To continue the greatness of the design of Sizza Infini, in this article, we will show you the others area by Infini in the modern workplace.

Rest Area

The designs of modern workplaces look for the perfect balance between works and lives. As a comprehensive solution for modern and collaborative solution, Sizza Infini is designed to be able to create a comfortable rest area for employees to rest and collaborate.

The Saloon Sofa of Infini is featured with an extended headrest to ensure high privacy, which is perfect for focus work. It also enables employees to enjoy collaborative working in the rest area for creative solutions for different tasks and works. Sizza Infini creates rest areas with the features of open and  private environments.

Saloon Sofa

Arch Coffee Table

Arch is a sofa series featured with the “Arch Roof” to provide acoustics functions and privacy for employees to enjoy a quiet moment for rests and focus works. Arch is also designed in single and double styles, allowing employees to collaborate and rest freely.

Arch Sofa

Same multipurpose chair matches with Loc tables and Leaf screens to provide comprehensive space division for different rest areas. Employees are able to do quick meetings, collaborate and rest.

Same Multi-purpose Chair

Leaf Screen

Lob Coffee Table

Loc Coffee Table

Training Area

In the modern workplace, training area is no longer a space of classroom style. To encourage employees to participate in different training, the modern training style is designed to be active and interactive. Spoon is a comfortable and convenient modern pouf. Its unique and charismatic design creates fun and collaborative style for team interactions, satisfying the needs for modern training.



Plato Coffee Table