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29 October, 2021

Lamex joins “Double 11” Shopping Festival and live streaming

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Since 2020, there is a second boom of online sales with the growing number of new live streaming and e-commerce platforms. The live streaming and online shopping have become a constant culture for our new generations. With the interesting promotion styles and methods of the merchants and KOLs, they are able to attract a large number of fans and viewers in a short period of time, and fans and viewers tend to make quick decisions for purchase during the live streaming.

Live-streaming for online sales, everyone is enjoying.

Before the boom of online shopping, live streaming was only popular in online-chatting and gaming industries, and people did not take it as a sales channel. However, when some online platforms combined live streaming and online sales and created profits for merchants and KOLs, it had become a new business model and opportunity for many industries. Especially the epidemic has spawned companies to join in. Different brands started to promote and sell products by live streaming; CEOs became the salesman in the live streaming; education and medical companies started to live-stream professional courses; and many other industries and people started to promote in a creative way in the live streaming. With the help of advanced live-streaming technologies, it drives live streaming to be more professional and reliable, and creates a new business trend.  

Lamex with the 90’s KOL

According to the latest research, the majority of KOLs are born in 90s. Among this generation, live-streaming becomes an important communication and learning method with the society. Lamex signs a 90s KOL to join the coming Double 11 shopping festival. With the sweet smile of the KOL, and the creative and warm atmosphere in the live-streaming, this 90s KOL has more than 2 million fans across Tmall, JingDong, and TikTok, and has a record of more than RMB 1 million sales in one live-streaming during “Double 11”.

Lamex is intensively preparing and scheduled for the “Double 11” live-streaming. Many amazing Lamex products can be found.

11 Nov, 21:30 – 0:30, Event preview and 1st of “Double 11” promotion

11 Nov, 20:00 – 0:00, Lucky Draw activities

Lamex Official flagship Store in Tmall

Lamex Official Flagship Store in Tmall is dedicated to providing a convenient purchase channel for users who care focus on work efficiency, life quality, and healthy working environment. Through Tmall, we continue to provide quality products with localized and convenient online shopping experience to satisfy the soaring needs of customers.

Entrance of Lamex Tmall Official Flagship Store

  1. Copy “TLYiY1OQdbT” and open Tmall App or Taobao App to enter into the Lamex Tmall Official Store
  2. Click on to go to the web version of Lamex Tmall Official Store
  3. Search for “美时Lamex” in Tmall App or Taobao App for more product and brand information

Lamex Official Flagship Store in JingDong

With the quick access of Lamex quality products and JingDong In-house logistic service, it provides a reliable online shopping experience for customers to create a quality office and living spaces.

Entrance of Lamex JingDong Official Flagship Store

Search for “美时Lamex” in JingDong App for more product and brand information

For more quality products, you may visit the workplace centers of Lamex, or visit Lamex official website  (