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24 September, 2021

Lamex New product | Pier – Connect & Support


Pier literally means a landing place for people to rest after a long ocean adventure. Sometimes, “Pier” will be described by poets as a spiritual state for peace and love. And this spiritual concept of “Pier” actually deeply rooted in Chinese culture. The modern Chinese poets and writers will use it as an emotional metaphor to describe all kinds of exciting emotional realms. On the other hand, the “Pier” concept can also be found in Buddhism for the description of life and deaths to convey messages for kindness and generousness.

In modern society, we run for works and livelihood, and start to forget our natural connections between people and the joy of working and living together.

With our passion for meaningful lives and works, we long for collaborations at work. We help each other in the workplace, connect for a perfect work-life-balance and cultivate a warm and vigorous company culture. An ideal workplace is now where we all feel warm and relaxed.

Lamex understands the needs to stay connected and collaborated. That is why the Pier Collaborative Sofa is now born. It is designed to be where people gather, rest, work and interact in a workplace. Its function likes the pier in a shore as a place for people to rest after a long adventure. In Pier, we rest, communicate, collaborate and create. It becomes the Social Hub in your workplace.   

24/7 Social Hub

Pier is power spine with superior function in high capacity distribution of cable and power to wherever needed, created in the beautiful physical form of an upholstered seat bench in linear and circular shapes. Power is conveniently accessible along each side of the trunk with option of single or double socket locations. Large round drum legs and generously sized trunks allows high capacity cable reticulation vertically and horizontally respectively. Attaching to the center axis of round column leg are various useful and beautiful accessories. Tree-top like canopy provides a comforting green shelter and the function of absorbing noise to create a quieter green workplace. Round table provides surfaces for the work community to gather and socialize, with drinks or lunch.

A Linear Service Grid

Linear Pier creates linear service grids within a larger work community, with Duplex height-adjustable desk, All Around sofa and small meeting tables, supporting the creation of many smaller agile work teams and providing all needs for flexible teamwork. Linear Pier offers standard lengths 3600, 5200 and 6800 mm.

Unique Radial Space Planning

Circular Pier supports agile workplace with a more flexible radial space planning. At the very center, is the inner hub where the community gather to socially connect and seek nourishment.  Extending radially is agile work with desks and mobile media in ever-changing clusters yet maintaining an unbroken power supply connected in-series drawing from one source – the Pier. Circular Pier outer diameter is 3400 mm.

In the 24/7 Social Hub of Pier, we can rest from our busy duties, communicate with others, induce unlimited creativity, work as a team for greater productivity. Together, we create a Neighborhood Community for better works and lives.