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2 July, 2021

A precious architecture in Beijing | The new BJ LOFT showroom is inaugurated


Beijing is the capital city of China. In Beijing, we can see the amazing integration of modern civilization and tradition. Right here in the brand new showroom of Lamex, you can enjoy your life and work, and feel the heart beat of this amazing city. You can rest in the Sun Room, ride a gym bicycle in the collaborative area, reserve your favorite work desk and chat with your colleagues in the phone booth. After all, you can have what you dream of, and Lamex fulfills for you.

The Sun Room is located on the 1st floor, which is set alike the backyard of the traditional “Siheyuan”. With the soft sunlight through the glass panels, you may enjoy a poetic tea break. This amazing scene is in the brand new showroom of Lamex in Beijing. Lamex has moved from the CBD to the Creative Cultural Centre that is full of literary atmosphere. Unlike the CBD, the Creative Cultural Centre has natural and comfortable environment, and relaxing ambience that allows you to enjoy a moment of peace.

This new showroom is designed by HQGK Design. With the concept of “The Dream of The Capital”, it aims at exploring the relationship of human and space by connecting civilization, history and architectures, which also fosters the interaction between communities, aesthetics, and the spirit of Lamex. 

01 LOFT Space – The River of Dream

The long linear lamp film ceiling of the reception area alike a river signifies long history of the brand and memories, from the past to the present to the future. The linear pattern on the ceiling and the directional shape of the reception highlight the sense of space, while the brand description on the left screen conveys the brand on the development of new products and workspace directions in recent years, showing the signs of the leading position of Lamex in the industry.

In the design concept by the designer, Mr. Kevin, Lamex (Beijing) Showroom is conceived as a conceptual space of light and metal refraction, which highlights the visual difference between reality and dreams. A blue glass panel on the white wall illustrates the statement of advanced technologies, while the stainless steel mirrored staircase deconstruct a sense of space through metal and light. Together with atmosphere presents a combination of rationality and artistic sensibility experience.

02 Smart Work – Innovative Space

The new conference room integrates the meeting room reservation system developed by is a co- creation with an IoT company, who provides space intelligent hardware and software products and services such as management consultancy, project management, implementation delivery, training, system and data operation and maintenance and space optimization, and full-scene solutions for smart space and smart building management based on IoT.   It is the technological work environment that young generation is yearning for now.

The integration of internet of things, cloud management and the study of human activities helps to collect and analyze data to provide meaningful insights about space utilization, wellbeing, productivity and cost savings for organizations. The advanced work style integrated with technology and data analysis can motivate employees for more efficient management and resources allocation. The sharing of workstations and benches help reduce unnecessary waste of resources, and active and mobile work style enables employees to enjoy a high level of freedom and convenience. Companies are now able to maximise the use of different resources by encouraging employees to select suitable areas and tools for their work. Communication and collaboration are the now the foundations of our daily works. To cope with actively swift of different work activities, our workplace needs to be flexible and active.

03 Multiple Scenes – Work & Play & Rest

While working hard and playing hard, we need to find some places for rest at work to enjoy a perfect work-life balance. Companies should consider the needs of the new generation while designing a new workplace.  We set up different collaborative areas and facilities combining young elements, incorporating technology and even full of colors to satisfy the needs of the young generation, without compromising the functions of the workplace. Our showroom is now open for public. If you want to experience the latest modern workplace in Beijing, you should not miss our LOFT showroom!

Address: Building G6, C Cube Youth Cultural and Creative Park, Guangqu Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100020, PRC

Reservation hotlines: 010-85217488*17572 

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday, 09:00 – 18:00