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20 August, 2021

The Signing Ceremony for the Co-Strategy of Lamex & DFocus


On 18 August, the Signing Ceremony for the Co-Strategy of Lamex & DFocus was held in the Lamex Showroom in Shanghai. The President of Lamex – Mr. Wilson Tse, The General Manager of Lamex– Mr. Alex Chan, The Co-Founder of DFocus – Ms. Doreen Gao and The Vice President of DFocus– Ms. Cecily Zhuang attended and hosted the ceremony.

At the ceremony, the President of Lamex – Mr. Wilson Tse gave a speech on remarkable strategic cooperation between Lamex and DFocus that will bring success for both parties. Being as a market leader, Lamex provides the insights and expertise of office furniture solution, while DFocus makes use of its leading brand and knowledge of IOT (Internet of Things), together to create strategic advantages in the respective market. 

ABW (Activity Based Working) is currently the most popular work style. ABW emphasizes employees to be trusted and empowered to complete work tasks in a dynamic space where encourages to create inspiration and collaboration flexibly. This is a valuable asset for the companies to drive creativity and productivity.  The design of ABW is comprised of insight and execution of space planning, internet technologies and employee’s activities.

The modern workplace has developed to the model of shared office 4.0. In this model, the synergy of space, data and people use to work together and analyze by the intelligent systems to create in-depth insights into the business. Furniture acts as a media to integrate data, technology and space together to reform workplace and create higher values for the companies. 

The Co-Founder of DFocus – Ms. Gao Shu Ying pointed out that opportunities always come right after risks. Big data, AI, IOT and advanced hardware bring a new era for the development of business areas and work space.  The digital transformation of workplace becomes a biggest challenge for most companies. However, she believes that it marks a golden opportunity for two companies of different backgrounds and cultures come together with rich experience in their respective fields for achieving greater results. Lamex acts the physical carrier in the space, while DFocus acts a digital carrier in the space to allow connections and interactions among pace, facilities, and people. When the physical and digital carriers are closely integrated, a breakthrough of the space management will be achieved.

Afterwards, representatives of both parties signed a letter of intent for partnership and celebrated with a toast. This is just the beginning of the cooperation between two parties.  The future strategic planning, systematic training, co-development of products and value-added services are expected to successively launch. We wish a great success through long-term and in-depth cooperation of Lamex and DFocus. 

About Lamex:

Established in 1977, Lamex has been the market leader in the industry of office furniture for 45 years. Lamex is a comprehensive provider of workplace solution, which includes R&D, space planning, manufacturing, testing and warehousing. Lamex is the Vice-president Executive Committee of CNFA. In 2006, Lamex teamed up with the international office furniture brand – HNI for the business expansion in the Pacific Asia, Middle East, Africa, and America. Business presences more than 200 service locations across 20 countries, including all major cities in China and Singapore. Lamex has the global capability and insight to provide instant local supports for different clients.

About DFocus:

DFocus is a space intelligent technology services provider with focuses on the development of IOT application in real estate field. They provide complete solutions of advanced sensors, internet gateways, digital media, software, and big data analysis for company to optimize the space efficiency, increase space utilization, reduce space usage costs, provide employees with space experience services and improve employee productivity. Established in 2015, DFocus has served 200+ companies of the Top 500 companies of the world, and 100+ leading companies in China. DFocus is a strategic partner of Microsoft and Huawei. With their leading IOT solutions, DFocus has been awarded with the Microsoft IOT award for 4 consecutive years. DFocus is also a member of Global Building Owner and Manager Association (BOMA) and Corporate Real Estate Associate CoreNet.