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13 December, 2021

Townhouse | The Trilogy of the new workplace


Inspired by the small footprint and privacy of modern townhouse, which can be combined in a variety of ways, Lamex Design Lab has cleverly applied its features to the Townhouse series. With the change of modern office form, the open office environment provides independent and private space for employees to reduce mutual interference, allowing employees to focus on their own work and improve efficiency.

Residential Appearance

Townhouse is designed with a high partition screen, sharing the same cylindrical casing structure as the House series, with wood grain MFC and glass panels to create a semi-enclosed working environment for a quick touchdown, private calls or productive work, which is similar to the design of a townhouse. PET roof/curtain option creates excellent workstation acoustic performance. The independent exterior structure separates the workstations from each other, reducing mutual interference between employees, and can be used as a focused and efficient temporary workstation.

Workplace is like a house in which we create a work culture by combining activities, networks and ABW work style. We develop a Trilogy office solution – Longhouse, Treehouse and Townhouse.  They use an elegant and consistent design language to provide users with a wide range of practical as well as versatile office solutions to meet the need of diverse office environments.