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20 September, 2021

Your secret garden in the workplace – Lumin Lounge


Lumin 1P Lounge provides more space equipped with comfortable sofa seating, convenient power supply, network provision and optional TV mounting.

Lumin 4-8P accommodates 4 to 8 persons depending on selection of furniture within, and comes with whiteboard, floor power/ LAN socket with safety cover, and TV column for mounting 55-inch TV in 2 heights. With Commons High Table and Please Bar Stool or Astrid Lounge and Daily Coffee Table, it becomes an ideal meeting place for 4 to 8 people, and combines the collaborative comfort and the convenience of video conferencing. 

Lumin is a stylish and multifunction space for modern workers to connect, focus, productive and escape from busy open offices.

Comfort and Wellness

With Lumin, user comfort and mental health have all been optimized, peaceful ambience for heightened staff wellbeing, allowing for better focus and productivity while working or in meeting.

Energy Saving & Good Ventilation

Through the sensor activated lighting and advanced silent ventilation, Lumin lowers electric consumption while enhancing air quality with TVOC lower than 0.5mg/m3 per UL Greenguard standards. Its enduring comfort is good for longer duration use with quiet and efficient air ventilation rate of 1.66m3 per minute.

Excellent Acoustics

Lumin is a perfect place where you can simply think in a private and workable comfort zone.  Solid wood, acoustic materials and sound-insulating glass all combine for excellent acoustic attenuation achieving 41-43dBA with speech level reduction of 31-32dBA.

Easy Video Conferencing

Ideal for focused concentration, Lumin is perfect for small meetings, group discussions, or a place where offers standalone silence for quick phone calls or ad hoc tasks. 

Power Up Convenience

Lumin presents power convenience through universal sockets, USB port and wireless charger.

Convenient and Re-useable Writing Panels

Exterior panels made of opaque enameled glass double as vertical writing surfaces. Its glass and metal panels are recycling materials that lead to environmental sustainability.

Lumin’s innovative and flexible configuration adjusts the needs of standard traditional meeting rooms, through large portable booths that can accommodate 4 to 8 people. Forward-thinking design offers unlimited possibilities, with self-mounted high-quality audio and video, allowing for real-time video conferencing in an ever-evolving workplace world. So, is it your ideal secret garden in the workplace?